Every unique industry has specific needs that can include calibrations of process instruments or machines, maintenance records of your equipment and training of employees. Lablite software products are installed in the following industrial uses:

  • Oil & Gas production and refining
  • Mining
  • Transportation by rail, truck and pipelines
  • Manufacturing & Product Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Testing
  • Consumer Product Research &Testing
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing

CALIBRATE your instruments and equipment for accuracy and traceability. If it is accurate you will reduce wastage and liabilities. Lablite CMT will track calibration schedules and provide e-mail or report reminders about what needs to be done. No more missed deadlines.

MAINTAIN your equipment with ease. You will have all the serial #'s and part #'s, websites for ordering, schematics, prices, maintenance history at your fingertips. This will save hours of time looking through manuals, maintenance contracts, past bills and shuffling paper. Management will appreciate the summary and detailed reports included with Lablite CMT.

TRAIN your staff of workers. Do they need refresher training or safety training? You need to know when they received training and when it is due again especially if certifications are involved. Company insurance policies or industry standards may require worker training on a recurrent basis. Can you access these records quickly or get time sensitive reports and e-mail reminders from your current tracking system?

All three of these critical functions are in one easy to use software package at a most affordable price. Please consider contacting us for an online Demo.