Lablite CMT

Do you have equipment that needs to be maintained or calibrated? Do you have personnel in your organization that require specific training? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions then the LabLite Calibration, Maintenance and Training (CMT) program can help.

With LabLite CMT you can schedule and track the calibration and maintenance required on every piece of equipment or component in your plant, lab, or company. You can track who was assigned what work and when they started and completed the work. In addition to tracking routine or scheduled events you can track emergency repairs, the length of time an item is down and the cost of these events.

Affordability Meets Organization

Lablite CMT is an affordable, customizable information management system. All changes made to your information via Lablite CMT are stored in a centralized SQL Server database, insuring that your data is synchronized and up to date.

The program allows you to add documents and images for each item of equipment. You can record service and warranty information and you can track the equipment location and the responsible party. LabLite CMT also allows you to schedule and track training events and the program automatically updates individual training records.